Originally, this tool was intended to test web applications, but later, it expanded its scope to test other applications, servers, protocols, and web services. Moreover, it comes with a fully-featured test IDE that allows you to build and record the test plan. Testing is an integral part of the software development life cycle which ensures the delivery of high-quality products. The ultimate purpose of testing is to guarantee that the final product is free of glitches, meets certain quality standards, and fits the specified requirements. Non-functional testing can improve the product’s reliability, performance, manageability, and accessibility.

If the system gives expected output, it gets passed in the test otherwise failed. The flexibility of software to transfer from its current hardware or software environment. How to write Nunit Parameterized Test Learn about different types of NUnit Parameterized Tests with help of examples and sample code. With BrowserStack, this problem is solved by offering the ability to run hundreds of Selenium and Cypress tests in parallel.

All the cool concepts and nifty “bells and whistles” in the world mean nothing if the application fails to work correctly. That’s why developers need to put a new product through its paces before the public gets a hold of it. Security testing is used to detect the security flaws of the software application. The testing is done via investigating system architecture and the mindset of an attacker. Test cases are conducted by finding areas of code where an attack is most likely to happen.

What Is Functional Testing?

Scalability– Scalability is defined as the ability of the system to cater to the growing usage of the application. This tool comes with an IDE that can seamlessly integrate with development environments. The LoadRunner Professional Engine enables testers to run unit tests. It ensures the loading capability of the system so that any number of users can use it simultaneously. The portability testing of the software is used to verify whether the system can run on different operating systems without occurring any bug.

Software testing is mainly split into testing software features, or what the application” should do” , and checking non-functional requirements such as performance or usability. LoadStorm is an on-demand stress, performance, and load testing tool for websites and web applications. Its major objective is to ease testing while being inexpensive.

Durability– Durability is the measure of the ability of the application to cater to the requirements for a long period of time. Usability– Usability is defined as the measure of the degree to which an application can be easily used and operated. For example, in the case of a new application, the easier the flow of the application is for the user to operate it smoothly, the better will be the usability.

definition of non-functional testing

API testing is a type of software testing that validates application program interfaces for their functionality, security, performance, and reliability. Reliability testing checks for the reliability of the system. In other words, this type of testing checks how the software definition of non-functional testing product works in a particular environment for a specific time period. The system is reliable only if it produces the expected results every time in the given environment. Performance testing validates the software product to check how well its components function.

Software Testing Types

Functional testing is a type of testing that seeks to establish whether each application feature works as per the software requirements. Each function is compared to the corresponding requirement to ascertain whether its output is consistent with the end user’s expectations ibebet sportsbet com au app at https://ibebet.com/review/sportsbet-com-au/. The testing is done by providing sample inputs, capturing resulting outputs, and verifying that actual outputs are the same as expected outputs. SoapUI used to perform functional testing and it’s supported for Eclipse, Netbeans etc.

definition of non-functional testing

Usability testing checks the degree of ease with which the end-users can learn, operate, and interact with the software product. Moreover, this type of testing is equally important as functional testing. The reason is that end-users always want a high-performance, secure, and scalable software product having rich functionalities.

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By performing stress testing, testers determine the limit at which the software product breaks. Moreover, it helps them to analyze what the system will do after failure. The primary purpose of this type of testing is to verify the readiness of the software product in accordance with non-functional parameters thatfunctional testingwould never address. One simple example of a non-functional test would be checking how many users can log in to a particular system simultaneously. The best way to sum up the difference between functional and non-function testing is functional testing shows that the application’s functions are doing what they’re supposed to do. In contrast, non-function testing verifies that the software conducts the processes correctly.

definition of non-functional testing

Non-functional testing is almost as critical as functional testing, and it has an effect on customer satisfaction. The above list is not the complete as there are more than 100 Types of Testingand counting. No need to worry, you will pick them up as you age in the testing industry. Also, note that not all testing types apply to all projects but depend on the nature & scope of the project.

Efficiency Testing

Here in this article, we have discussed the various types of non functional testing. It is designed to test the readiness of system bas per non functional parameters which are never addressed by functional testing. Volume testing refers to testing a software application, where the software is subjected to a huge volume of data.

  • However, contrary to common misconceptions, non-functional testing can and often should be performed at all test levels and done as early as possible.
  • A good example of a non-functional test is seeing how many users would sign into a program at the same time.
  • For testing mobile app functionalities testing methodology cannot cover all conditions.
  • Functional testing finds an issue which is not allow an application to perform its functions, the scenario-based errors.
  • Every time the software is updated, non-functional tests are performed again.

The more you automate, the faster you can ensure desired functionality or identify and correct defects, and the more you save on test time and costs. It may not be possible, or even desirable, to automate all test cases, but just getting the most important test cases off the manual roster can vastly improve your test ROI. Non functional testing focus on the quality of the software system. So tries to deduce how well the system performs as per the customer requirements means nonfunctional testing helps verify that customer expectations are being met or not.


Focus specifically to evaluate the readiness of a system according to the various criteria which are not covered by functional testing. Security being the most fundamental aspect of any https://globalcloudteam.com/ software product, this type of testing ensures that the system under development is secure. In this article, we shall discuss what exactly non-functional testing is and its types.

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These tests are initiated to check for possible system outcomes when a particular condition is met. In the example, since the user id requires a minimum of 6 characters, this test will be used to check how the system responds when less than 6 characters are entered. When successful, the login page directs the user to the HRMS home page. An online HRMS portal on which the user logs in with their user account and password.

Non-functional testing is the testing of “how well” the system behaves. NeoLoad is yet another powerful performance testing tool for large enterprises. It is capable of carrying out performance testing on various types of APIs, applications, and other technologies.

Types of Non-functional Testing

For Performance Testing, a well-structured and clear specification about expected speed must be defined. Under these types of testing, you have multiple TESTING Level’s, but usually, people call them as Testing Types. You may find some difference in the above classification in different books and reference materials. It refers to a portion of the software system that can be converted for use in another application.

This type of testing is particularly concerned with the result of processing. It focuses on simulation of actual system usage but does not develop any system structure assumptions. There are varioustypes of software testingavailable out there, which tests different aspects of a software product. The two broad categories of software testing are functional and non-functional testing.

Naturally, formulating the right test case is pivotal, along with identifying the right automation tool for the purpose. If incorrect credentials are entered, the system should inform the user and reload the login page. These tests are used to check how the system behaves when data limits are implemented. UFT Mobile Amplify team productivity with an enterprise-level, end-to-end lab of real mobile devices and emulators. Run the test cases through the application and compare actual outcomes against expected results.