However, it has one major downside – it doesn’t support touchscreens. Chakra UI gives developers the freedom to manipulate CSS classes of exported components and layouts with little code. It has built-in support for responsive styling, which makes custom styling much easier. Shasta – Dead simple + opinionated toolkit for building redux/react applications.

React Library

And this is why component libraries exist — they provide ready-to-use design elements, thereby allowing developers to focus on building the UI without building everything from scratch. Cdbreact – demo – docs – Elegant UI Kit library and reusable components for building mobile-first, responsive websites and web apps. React is a popular JavaScript library that offers a lot of components to help you build applications and sites.

You may think that rendering a table is not that much difficult. The library is trying to tackle this kind of exceptional case. This project is getting recognized by the community and industry.

It works in all modern environments, including Next.js, Gatsby.js and create-react-app. Since our roundup last year, its popularity has increased significantly in 2023 (21.5k → 58.k weekly downloads). Rebass comes with a basic collection of primitive components that may be “developed” to create a best React UI component library with a standard API and design themes. For defining theme objects and design tokens for usage with UI components, Rebass supports Theme Specification. These are responsible for providing the best React UI framework.

Comparing React to Other Frameworks and Libraries

Components – the core components library is extremely extensive and offers niche components like color picker, date-range picker and timelines. With over a hundred different components, you will rarely ever need angular vs react to create your own. Each component also supports styles overriding for internal elements inside with classes or inline styles. The idea is to remove complication and analysis paralysis from web development.

Moving on, let’s look at some of the main benefits of using a React UI component library. Easy-to-learn, it requires React-Native-CLI and React-Viro-CLI to write cross-platform, native codes. PayPal checkout integration is exclusively based on the native JavaScript code. Payment SDKs help in facilitating easily acceptable in-app payments with different payment options. Payment SDKs available in React Ecosystem present a reliable way to pay for end-users along with security and assurance.

Its support is available on its Discourse forum, Slack , Intercom for live chat, and dedicated support for enterprise customers. Visx offers detailed documentation with complete instructions for installation, description, and integration, along with an API list with some examples for each. Apart from a comprehensive gallery of useful examples for visualizations, visx provides you with many useful blog posts and a Getting Started tutorial to help you start and use this tool. Created by Airbnb, visx is a collection of multiple low-level, expressive visualization primitives built for React applications.

Fluent UI

Instead, it can abstract D3 details and offer utilities and components in standard formats. If you like customizable and performing charts, visx is a great tool. Chakra-UI.With this tool by your side, you will spend less time coding and more time creating wonderful experiences for the end users. Chakra UI is designed to make it easier for developers to add features faster without creating everything from scratch.

React Library

You’ve also got the look at the type of applications that fit best. So, before you’re planning to go with a React project, take time to review frameworks that can stay focused at saving you a ton of time during web or app development. VisX, which Airbnb developed, is unlike all other component libraries on this list.

React has the concept ofcontrolled and uncontrolledcomponents. Ant Design is regarded as one of the best React UI kits in the world. With over 83K stars on GitHub at the time of writing, it tops the list as one of the most used and downloaded React UI kits.

It’s also available on GitHub for discussions and sharing feedback. You can also follow Mantine on Twitter to stay notified of updates. You can also watch the demo available on its official site to know how the tool works. Deploy your application to Kinsta – Start with a $20 Credit now. This free and open-source tool is used in several large-scale software production environments.


They follow WAI_ARIA guidelines, and provide keyboard support and sensible focus management. Customizing the default themes is straightforward and dark mode can be applied with just a few lines of code. They do have an active Slack community, and, like other frameworks, bugs are submitted via GitHub Issues.

React Library

You can avoid that by directly using a CSS syntax inside your components. The library is quite popular and used by popular sites like IMDb, Reddit, Vimeo, Coinbase, and many others. Developers can use them by easily integrating with libraries like redux-form. You can use the library on all platforms like mobile, laptop, desktop, and even Office365 or OneNote. The FABRIC core is a set of SASS components combined with CSS classes, allowing access to various colors, animations, etc.

Design simple views for each state in your application, and React will efficiently update and render just the right components when your data changes. Submit a ticket and get support from the developers who are building the library. On a mission to make every React developer’s life easier when it comes to building forms. Redux, similarly to MobX, is astate management solutionfor JavaScript applications. It’s most often used in combination with React, but it works with other React-like frameworks, too. Redux makes it possible to connect every component directly to the entire state and thus eliminates the need to use props or callbacks.

Honorable mentions for React UI kits and libraries

The basic architecture of React applies beyond rendering HTML in the browser. For example, Facebook has dynamic charts that render to tags, and Netflix and PayPal use universal loading to render identical HTML on both the server and client. ComponentDidMount is called once the component has “mounted” .

  • As a result, developers can build faster and add a theme and design elements on top of Rebass primitives.
  • React components implement a render() method that takes input data and returns what to display.
  • You can also connect with other users of Headless UI on the Tailwind CSS discord server and seek help.
  • Reactive-elements – Allows to use React.js component as HTML element .
  • Tagify – demo & docs – Lightweight, efficient Tags input component.

Creating a form is no more complicated while building a react application with the help of react-hook-form. Most of the time I use this package for creating a form as validation is so much simple here. It is the best form maker for me while I stop to work with formika.

All KendoReact Components

When it comes to creating modern React applications, these component libraries not only save us ample time and effort, but also helps us in simplifying Testing React apps. They have various pre-built components such as icon sets, buttons, form input, menu, pagination, date and time picker etc. By leveraging these React component libraries, developers can create mind-blowing user interfaces and modern web designs for desktop, mobile, web and hybrid apps.

Intuitive customization

This article will cover the 21 best React UI component libraries that you can use in your next project. Before we dig in, let’s go over some basic concepts so you have a better understanding of React UI component libraries. So, if you are developing React-based software, using a React UI component library will be highly beneficial to you. As a result, your overall software development process becomes faster and you would be capable of producing more high-quality applications in less time. Acting as the best friend for the developers, it helps write consistent codes, runs well in different environments , and can be tested easily.

Semantic UI ReactThe official Semantic-UI-React integration.

Because of React’s ubiquity (200k+ stars on GitHub), developers have a near-endless supply of UI libraries with custom components to draw upon to build applications. Some are best for general purposes, others were created specifically for web development, and many are tailored for niche use cases like enterprise product production. You may have noticed that the preceding code does not manipulate or modify the page. The pair of components Todo and TodoList​ are just functions that return HTML based on their inputs. React application developers compose pieces of the UI, just like the preceding example, and pass that resulting HTML to a special render function. When data changes while the app is running—a user adding a new to-do item to the list, for example—there is no code to write to update the UI.

The abundance of React component libraries is one of the primary and significant reasons for React’s rapid growth. Material UI, Ant Design, React-Bootstrap, Blueprint UI and Semantic UI are some of the best react UI libraries. It also has a complete API for transitions as well as accessibility information. One of the keys and significant reasons for the growth of React JS is the array of React component libraries. Developers have developed beautiful user interfaces for web, desktop, and hybrid applications using these easy-to-use libraries.

The facets of the library, including the components, have been addressed by the insightful documentation. The quite popular entity Bootstrap is popular in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS libraries. It comes inclusive of UI creation elements for both the web and mobile applications.The bootstrap has been referred to as the JS library. It can also help in minimizing the amount of code for sending to the client. React component libraries enable developers to create modern web designs and attractive user interfaces for web, mobile, desktop, and hybrid apps.

As a result, they will have to write fewer codes and can choose a component directly in their design without having to write code for each component from scratch. It not only saves them time but also effort so that they can invest their valuable time in innovation. Chakra’s popularity is growing due to its awesome offerings and performance. Currently, it has 1.3 million downloads a month, 19.7k GitHub stars, 7.4k Discord members, and 10k core contributors.

It can also integrate with other libraries to enhance your web app’s performance. Picking the correct React component library for an application can be tricky, but don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled 21 best React component libraries that are popular among developers for their usability and accessibility.